Nothing Impossible With Forex

Forex - is it about games? Jobs? Knowledge? Income? Business??
The answer is 'Yes' to all...
And that is the best recipe to become the successfull trader...


How to gain these experiences?
1. Ourselves
2. People's skill

Naked Forex Trading

- Its the level when traders can predict the waves of the graphs.
- No 'indicators' are needed, indicators which are mostly the main cause of the big losses..
- This is we call 'EXPERIENCE'

Minimum of 100% profit is just an easy matter

When we get enough experiences in forex trading, 100% profit in a month is the easiest thing to get.

The images below just showing the result from 17th Sept 2010 untill 30th Sept 2010. The profit result was 60% from the deposited amount and to be expected more than 100% profit in a month period.

From the trading history, losses (cut loss) is not the matter, but the overall profit was the main of our focus even though the profit of each entry was quite small. And it was the strategy!!